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  The sales manager

Job nature: full-time

Location: unlimited

Number of recruitment: 4

Working experience: over 2 years

School calendar: above specialized subject

Language ability: good English

Job description:

1. Responsible for market development and project sales of library projects in the region;

2. Assisted sales manager in formulating sales plan, collecting and analyzing market information;

3. Develop potential industry customers and deeply explore the potential value of existing customers;

4. Responsible for sales work and achieve sales target;

5. Drafted and signed sales contracts with customers to keep track of the contract process;

6. Collect and summarize industry information to assist product innovation.

Job requirements:

College degree or above, more than two years experience in system integration and consulting projects;

2. Good communication and affinity;

3. Have a good sense of teamwork, good at developing markets and establishing sales channels, with pioneering spirit and strong independent working ability;

4. Be familiar with library area, have experience in sales of large projects, and have a certain knowledge of RFID technology will be preferred.

   Test engineer

Job nature: full-time

Location: Shanghai

Number of recruits: 1 person

Working experience: over 2 years

Education: more than one subject

Language ability: good English

Job description:

1. Finished product software and hardware testing;

2. Complete the inspection of products and raw materials;

3. Technical support and related technical training for project implementers;

4. Completed regular weekly reports and monthly reports;

Finish other work with supervisor and department.

Job requirements:

1. Computer science major, college degree or above, two years working experience;

2. Master basic database principles and master test related procedures;

Familiar with Office software (Word, Excel);

4. Strong sense of responsibility, meticulous work, good communication skills and good team spirit;

5. Hardworking and willing to accept overtime and work arrangement;

6. Experience in hardware testing is preferred.

   Technical support engineer

Job nature: full-time

Location: Shanghai

Number of recruits: 1 person

Working experience: more than 1 year

Education: above secondary school

Language skills: English

Job description:

1. Responsible for software and hardware replacement, installation, debugging, troubleshooting, maintenance and system software installation and debugging;

2. Deal with project site problems and coordinate customer relations;

3. Technical training for customers, responsible for technical support of software and hardware sales;

4. Write project implementation documents.

Job requirements:

1. Electrical, mechanical, computer and other major, technical secondary school or above, more than one year working experience;

2. Basic computer software and hardware knowledge to identify and troubleshoot common computer hardware and software failures;

3. Knowledge of computer network, can identify and eliminate common network failures;

4. Familiar with Office software (Word, Excel, PPT); ;

Strong sense of responsibility, meticulous work, strong communication ability and good team spirit;

6. Hardworking and willing to accept travel and company work arrangement;

7. Basic knowledge of RFID and project implementation experience are preferred.

If you are interested in an alliance, please send a copy of your resume, certificate of education and id card to our company. Please indicate the position

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