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The 24-hour micro-library

From: China jiaxing city cultural bureau time: 2014-02-07

Since 2007, the city began to explore the integration of urban and rural public library service system "branch" mode, as the implementation of the "cultural city" strategy, pushing the construction of "cultural city" key way, formed in "government leading, overall planning, multi-stage investment, centralized management, resource sharing, service, innovation" as the main characteristics for the construction of the model. In May 2011, the integration of urban and rural public library service system construction of jiaxing city is listed as one of the first to create a national demonstration projects of public cultural service system, to promote the library service system of longitudinal extension and transverse expansion. At present, the city has built one center, two separate pavilion, 6 counties (cities) total pavilion, 57 town (street) branch, 72 village (community) libraries, circulation of more than 400 stations, and completed the library RFID project, launched a mobile client mobile reading service, and formed the "situation -", the library alliance, triple social resources integration service system, build the fixed network and mobile services, the combination of physical and virtual combination of longitudinal and transverse to the edge of service network. In May 2013, the integration of urban and rural public library service system in our city in the eastern region 17 projects score first, the area of 47 top honors, successfully create national public cultural service system through the first demonstration project acceptance.

As our city public library service system construction of exploration and practice, and again "24 hour blocks of miniature library" and "self-help" mini library 24 hours a day, will be further extended to the service street community, go deep into the people life, through the nerve endings of the public library service. So far, the city has been done in canal community, east gate street "miniature" 24 hour block library of deployment, the city administrative center has completed the construction of "self-help" mini library 24 hours a day. Block miniature library use is a single machine, 3 three layers, each layer can hold 80 tallies books, available for three people to borrow at the same time, also limited to borrow one at a time, can be repeated operation. The library can hold up to 400 to 500 books, and can borrow 10 books at a time. In addition to the normal lending function, further communicate with the machine manufacturer, try to open the booking function of the miniature library. At that time, citizens can not only make books and books but also make book appointments at home. City library literature general - loan section staff will also regularly in miniature replace books in the library, and analysis of different parts of the crowd borrowing needs and preferences at any time, corresponding to the types of books. On the concrete operation, the citizen can use the microlibrary only with the citizen card in the library service main table to open the loan. And in the second half of 2013 to handle the city library RFID (radio frequency identification technology) the citizens of a library card can directly use of the library, had to deal with the citizens of a library card is in the library service desk to replace a new card.

24 hour blocks of miniature library "and" 24-hour self-service miniature library "is a brand-new service system, designed to provide readers are not affected by time and space limit of public library services. Three microlibraries are expected this year in the city's streets or neighborhoods. Next, the city library will also be in urban areas within the scope of further study, the stationing, to extend the huimin engineering service tentacles gradually, deepen the perfect service system, bring convenience for more citizens and meet the demand of more people reading.

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