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Love reading

Equipment is introduced
  • "Yueyue" is an e-book, electronic periodical lending system developed by the Shanghai library and Shanghai arfadi. It is divided into portrait and set-top boxes.

  • Vertical screen version

    Simply use your phone, scan, shake, to download the contents of your ebook to your phone and to support offline reading, and bring the library to you for free. Contains:

    1) the Shanghai library electronic resources management and service platform, which provides the reader with free access to electronic books.

    2) the "love yue reading" portrait is placed in libraries, subways, offices, communities and other public places.

    3) through the scan "love to read" APP, the book search downloads to mobile terminals (IOS and Android apps), and offers e-book readers directly.

  • The set-top box version

Software includes both client and server parts. The client implements e-reading, e-journal reading, video viewing, certification, help and feedback, configuration and management. The client interface is beautiful, simple and functional, providing a good user experience for reading digital resources. The service provides a rich digital resource interface that implements book recommendations, problem feedback, and version maintenance. The software adopts the cutting edge technology implementation, the performance is good, the extensibility, the portability is strong.

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