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In the bookcase

Technical parameters
  • Dimensions: long * wide * height 2600 * 450 * 2,100 MM;
  • Books and books: 108 books;
  • Open door: each lattice adopts electric control lock, the door is opened automatically, by the lower up the way to open the door. The door of the door is brought in to detect the signal.
  • Small door: small door USES transparent acrylic material, can see the spine that puts the book;
  • The light curtain: each one of a pair of light, a book that holds a book to detect the signal;
  • Standard: the speaker, social security card and id card reader, thermal slip printer, with 17 inch touch screen display, fixed in the cabinet put oneself in another's position inside the barcode gun used in scanning books ISBN or bar code, cabinet put oneself in another's position inside the spare USB interface for spare barcode gun;
  • Moving and fixing: the bottom of the cabinet has a rolling wheel with a lock, which is easy to move and fix.
  • Accuracy: 99%.
Functional description
  • The device supports reader authentication;
  • Books on shelves support book ISBN number scans;
  • The home page supports a list of all the bookshelves that have been on the shelf.
  • The equipment enables the designated administrator card to log in to open the library management interface, to implement the bookshelf, and to the next shelf.
  • The library will provide readers with a special self-service device for self-service, before they are made up.
The nature of the
  • Meet the needs of the publishing industry in terms of new book push and radiation breadth.
  • Expand library's demand in cultural propaganda and reading promotion.
  • To break through traditional barriers and directly facilitate cross-border cooperation between public libraries and the publishing industry;
  • Provide innovative services for the publishing and library industries.

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