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New type 1 + N modular library

The characteristics of description

New 1 + N combined micro library is a kind of outside extension service expansion of new lending model system equipment, equipment using RFID technology, the system data analysis, the Internet communication technology, remote monitoring technology to realize self-help borrowing 7 * 24 hours service, as between library resources sharing.

Combined micro library type B is the upgrade on the original Aplus models, the overall adopts the split type design, can according to the actual area of combination, through the network connection between each section bookcase communication, easy to implement. Each bookcase is independent of sliding door type design, the visual communication is strong, concise and easy.

Apply to the environment
  • workload and can reduce logistics costs;
  • single section bookcase can be built-in 180 books (extensible);
  • spine transparent visual, manual operation, the reader experience;
  • support "recycled rack up and down" function, not through the pavilion can self circulation circulation;
  • no large electric machinery, advocating "zero point" maintenance, ordinary people can maintain maintenance;
  • It is suitable for library hall, community cultural activity point, supermarket, transportation site (e.g. subway etc.), cultural leisure place (e.g. cafe etc.).

  • You can also borrow books less than 5 seconds per book and support them with multiple copies.

Characteristics of the equipment

  • combined-type, optional, 1 + N mode.
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