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Technical parameters
  • working frequency: 13.56 MHz;

  • Dimensions (long * wide * height) : 2990 * 520 * 2100 MM (standard edition 400);

    1590 * 450 * 2100MM (standard edition 200 volumes);

    1053 * 450 * 1750MM (standard version 120);

  • area: < 2 square meters;

  • Number of storage CARDS: 150;
  • Number of banknotes: 900;
  • Communication mode: TCP/IP.
Functional description

  • Provide the reader with a certificate, borrow book, return book, inquiry, renewal and other self-help services;

  • To improve the circulation efficiency of books, the whole process of borrowing 10 books is less than 30 seconds.

  • Equipped with a touchscreen display or simple keystroke operation, a graphical friendly interface;

  • Operation completion is the automatic printing of receipts, according to the requirements to show the readers of the relevant information, such as financial, etc.;

  • It is equipped with strong lock control and convenient for safe maintenance and management.

  • The system automatically detects and determines the status of the card, and automatically alerts the card when there is little or no card in the card.

  • The system equipment can be equipped with glass room to be adaptable to its environment.

  • The books can be returned to the shelves at the same time, without the need for follow-up librarian processing, thus realizing the self-circulation of books and services;

  • The software system provides monitoring function, can check the daily operation condition of the equipment, receive equipment failure alarm and repair equipment, etc.

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