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Smart shelves

Technical parameters
  • Accuracy: 99%;
  • working frequency: 13.56 MHz;

  • communication interface protocol: TCP/IP;

  • Tibetan book volume: 500 volumes (single section double sided);

  • equipment power consumption: 60-100w (single section);

  • equipment size (length * wide * height) : 1022 * 750 * 2000 MM.

Functional description
  • Follow up and monitor the data of the shelves and monitor the reading habits of readers.

  • The library can be connected with the library to coordinate the work.

  • According to the library setting process, return to the designated area, which can realize the bookshelf return function;

  • The system implements cluster deployment via TCP/IP, and supports 24-hour online monitoring.

  • Equipped with LCD touch screen, providing multimedia virtual bookshelf query and electronic resource display function;

  • Can work with library automation system to complete the book inventory, and generate a list of shelves and wrong shelves;

  • Perfect equipment fault detection function, provide interface to realize remote diagnosis, monitoring, easy daily maintenance;

  • The LED screen displays the customized information and operation information of the library, such as the successful information of the book and the information of the wrong frame;

  • The system can complete the positioning of the book regularly according to the conditions set, and establish the position relation between each book and the shelf.

  • Collect the code number of the designated area book, and provide the library automation management system for bulk change of the library collection.

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